Buying expensive jewellery – especially an engagement ring – is often an emotional and exciting time in life. We think you should be able to enjoy owning and wearing your engagement ring, without having to worry what might happen. Our jewellery insurance is specially adapted to protect precious items from loss or damage.

Unlike most traditional insurance companies, we don’t require you to buy your home insurance from us to benefit from our all-risks cover on your engagement ring. With Brookfield, your jewellery is covered against theft, loss or damage including when you wear it outside your home. Because we are have a specific focus and interest in insuring jewellery we can provide the best cover.

We agree the insured value of each item with you at the start of the insurance. This means that there are no surprises if a claim should happen. So although we won’t replace the sentimental value of your items, you will be able to afford to replace your lost watch, engagement ring or wedding band with one of the same value.

Why choose a jewellery insurance?

  • The insurance is specifically designed to meet the needs of owners of valuable jewellery

  • All-risk protection worldwide

  • No deductible

  • Agreed value – you know what each item is insured for. No more surprises after a claim.

  • Competitive price

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    Benefits of Brookfield’s special insurance

    for engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery:

    • Agreed values –  you know what value each items is insured for. No more surprises after a claim occurs.

    • Wide all-risk protection that applies throughout the world – for example, if you lose an earring or if a stone is lost from your engagement ring.

    • No deductible – we pay the full replacement cost, no deductions.

    • No age deduction – items purchased new are replaced by new value.

    • Specialist claims service

    • It was reassuring to know that with Brookfield a stone falling off from my engagement ring would be replaced by the insurance, without me having to pay anything.
      Private watch owner

    Insurance for the jewellery trade

    Our Jeweller’s Block insurance policy is designed for jewellery retailers and manufacturers who require higher limits of indemnity. Brookfield specialises in insuring the jewellery retailers and manufacturers with high stock values. This segment is often poorly served by the more traditional insurers, who can impose sub-limits to sums insured or onerous claims conditions.

    Röd antik fotölj med svart bakgrund

    High Value Home Insurance

    Did you spend that extra effort to refine the design of your home or to source its perfect furnishings? Then our specialist home insurance product is for you. Our specific focus allows us to offer broader cover and a truly personal service.

    Unlike many insurance companies, our goal is not to offer all types of insurance for all types of customers. Instead, we focus on owners of exclusive homes, fine art and and designer interiors. Our many years’ experience and focus on customer service have allowed us to become Scandinavia’s most recognised insurer in this specialist area. 

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