Do you remember when your insurance company last came to your home to see for themselves what they are actually insuring? Are you sure you have the right cover ? If the answer is no, then you might have to wait until you have a claim to know if you are correctly insured.

Before insuring a new client, we always carry out a home visit. We help to determine the correct amounts to insure. We explain what your options are and what you can expect if a claim happens. But importantly we listen to what is important to you. Passionate about your art collection? You took care to carefully select the best craftsmen to decorate your home? Or maybe you worry about what would happen if you lost your made-to-order engagement ring?

Since our beginning in 2007 we have worked to the same goal: providing the Scandinavian owners of higher value homes, fine art and collectibles with insurance of the highest international standard. This specific focus allows us to offer broader cover and a truly personal service.

Why specialist classic car insurance

  • Truly personal service, including free home appraisal by our experts

  • Wide cover with no small print

  • Specialist claims service

  • Convenience: insure all your homes in a single policy

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    The Benefits of Brookfield’s Home Insurance

    Who is this insurance for?

    Brookfield’s Home Insurance is designed exclusively for the owners of homes with higher value contents. It is available as a comprehensive policy – to include buildings, all contents and your liabilities – or as stand-alone cover for Fine Art or Valuables. If you own several homes.

    What happens if I have a claim?

    We only insure exclusive homes, art and jewellery. So if you suffer a claim, you can count on a personal, quick and efficient service.  For individual items of higher value, the insurance amount can even be agreed at the beginning of the policy so that there is no discussion about the indemnity.

    With Brookfield, all property is insured on an “all-risk” basis up to the full insured amount. So your cover is not limited to damage caused by fire, burglary or water.

    Buildings – Any damaged part of your buildings and fixed decorations will be rebuilt or repaired to the same standard and style as before the damage, regardless of age, type of material, construction method or artistic merit.

    General contents – Lost or damaged contents are replaced with equivalent new items, no matter the items age or value.

    Art and Antiques – No deductible if an item is damaged or lost. Depreciation cover is included as standard, which means you are also indemnified for loss of market value following repair or restoration. 

    Jewellery and watches – No deductible applies. If the item is lost or stolen, we will replace it with an equivalent or pay the items value. 

    Claims examples

    Water and antique wooden floors:  Water from a leaking pipe damaged the antique oak flooring in the corner of our client’s living room. Repairing only the damaged section would leave the floor looking uneven. Our policy therefore covered the cost to renovate the whole room, restoring the flooring to the same visual appeal as before the claim.

    Lost handbag: In her hurry to arrive on time for a flight, our client forgot her handbag on the train, losing a laptop, mobile phone and other personal effects. She was happily surprised to receive financial compensation from us allowing her to replace the bag and its contents with identical new items. Our policy replaces all personal effects on a “new-for-old” basis, event if lost outside the home, without reduction for age or the deduction of an excess.

    Transport and newly purchased items

    The Brookfield policy includes automatic cover for transport and new acquisitions of art and collectibles, up to 25% of the original amount insured.

    Claims example:
    Whist transporting his newly-acquired painting home from an auction-house, our client accidentally caused a tear in the canvas. With our “new acquisitions” cover, the picture was already insured – despite not having been added to the policy, and we paid the restoration costs as well as the resulting loss in market value.

    Klocka i stål med röd ring och vit urtavla samt svart läderarmband

    Watches and Jewelry

    Your watches and jewellery are probably amongst your most valuable possessions, so make sure to fully protect them with Brookfield’s world-class insurance policy. Unlike most traditional insurance companies, we don’t require you to insure all your home contents to benefit from our all-risks cover. With Brookfield, your watches and jewellery are covered against theft, loss or damage including when you wear them outside your home.