From a 1960’s Citroën 2CV to a 1980s Porsche 911, classic cars come in all shapes and sizes. And so do their owners – from single-car owning enthusiasts to large institutional museums.

When we see a classic car or motorcycle, we don’t see a vehicle. We see a work of art, often rare or even maybe unique.

We spoke to owners, from aficionados with a single automobile to large museum collections, to understand how we can live up to your expectations when a claim occurs. This is why our policy offers flexible cover  – so that you don’t pay for protection you don’t need – and a vehicle value agreed between you and us from the start – to avoid any surprises.

Why specialist classic car insurance

  • Agreed value – each vehicle insured for its true value

  • Specialist claims service – your choice of repairer

  • Flexible cover: garage-only, transport, road risk – you chose

  • All-risks cover

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