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Brookfield Art Month

Did you know that Brookfield Underwriting is an art insurer who collaborates with several of the Nordic region’s largest and most well-established organisations within art? Brookfield Underwriting is the art insurance partner to Chart Art Fair, Enter Art Fair and Market Art Fair. We want to celebrate this by offering new and existing customers attractive offers, competitions, quizzes and extra information about our art insurance during Aug 10th – Sep 30th, 2020.


Take your chance to win a DKK 10,000 voucher from a gallery of your choice!

Obtain an offer for art insurance and you will automatically take part in the drawing with a chance to win a DKK 10.000 voucher from a gallery of your choice represented at the Chart Art Fair 2020.

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Chart Art Fair

Art Insurance Partner

Brookfield Underwriting is the art insurance partner to the Nordic region’s most well-established art fairs.

Chart Art Fair
Market Art Fair

Why is art insurance important?

The biggest economic loss following a damage to a contemporary artwork is its loss in value. A traditional insurance will only pay for the repair costs, and not for the loss in value. An art insurance will pay for the repairs and for the loss in value.

In our experience, traditional insurance companies often disagree with their clients about the value of art collections when a claim arises. An art insurer used to dealing with claims on fine art will not discuss the value of your items when the claim happens because this is done when the insurance is created.

Most damages to art happen because of accidents at home and when moved between homes – these scenarios are generally not covered by traditional insurance. An art insurance provides with a broader cover, meaning fewer damages you have to pay out of your pocket.

Why is art insurance important


How does a traditional insurance cover your art? Test your knowledge!


Need a valuation for your art?

Online valuation is quick, easy and affordable. Click here to access over 60 experts formerly of Sotheby’s and Christie’s appraising your art, antiques, jewellery, memorabilia and more.


Want to know more?

Brookfield provides art insurance of the highest international standards to owners of art, antiques and collectibles.

By listening to our customers, our cover has developed and adapted to provide the protection that the owners of art need and have come to expect. Unlike many insurance companies, our aim is not to offer all types of insurance for all types of customers. Instead, we focus on areas where we are specialists and which require specific expertise and service.

We speak to all our customers and take as long as necessary to understand your needs in order to structure an art insurance that lives up to your expectations.

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